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Decorative containers are a valuable investment. They are an asset that will be around for a long time. Though choosing the right style and color can be difficult, we have a wide variety of containers to choose from. Our experienced interior plantscape professionals can help you select the right decorative container for your office. Below are a few containers that we use most frequently, most are available in about 41 different colors. Click on an image to view a larger version.

European Container

ASI European European Cylinder
European Cylinder
ASI European European Rectangle
European Rectangle
ASI European European Square
European Square
ASI European European Tall Cylinder
European Tall Cylinder
ASI European European Tall Square
European Tall Square

Flower Bowl Container

ASI Flower Bowl Flower Bowl
Flower Bowl

Italian Container

ASI Italian Italian Cylinder
Italian Cylinder
ASI Italian Italian Rectangle
Italian Rectangle
ASI Italian Italian Square
Italian Square

Optimum Container

ASI Optimum Optimum Cylinder
Optimum Cylinder
ASI Optimum Optimum Square
Optimum Square
ASI Optimum Optimum Tall Square
Optimum Tall Square

Oriental Container

ASI Oriental Oriental

Phoenix Container

ASI Phoenix Phoenix Cylinder
Phoenix Cylinder

Potluck Container

Newpro Potluck Potluck Cylinder
Potluck Cylinder
Newpro Potluck Potluck Rectangle 14 inch
Potluck Rectangle 14 inch
Newpro Potluck Potluck Rectangle 24 inch
Potluck Rectangle 24 inch