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Service Agreements

Nature'sWay Interior Plantscape offers several different ways to obtain indoor plants for your office, we will tailor any plan to meet your budget. All of our services come with a full plant guarantee.

Two of Our most common Service agreements

Indoor Plant Guaranteed Maintenance Agreement

You own your indoor plants and you would like to have Nature'sWay Interior Plantscape take care of them, so you do not have to worry about them. This service is a month to month plan; you don't have to sign any long term contract. You would not be required to keep our service in the event your situation changes.

You buy all your indoor plants from Nature'sWay Interior Plantscape. And you would like us to maintain them but you don't want your company to get stuck with a long term contract.

Leased Indoor Plants Maintenance Agreement

This is the second most common way to obtain indoor plants for your office. Leasing indoor plants over time can be a costly expense for your office. Yet it is one of the most cost effective ways to obtain indoor plants.

How our lease works.

When you decide to lease your plants and containers keep in mind you do not own them. Your company is renting them from our company. We put together a 2 year agreement and this agreement includes replacing any indoor plant that becomes over grown or becomes unhealthy. At the end of the two year agreement you have fulfilled your obligations. The agreement then becomes a month to month agreement. Keep in mind that the indoor plants and containers are still leased.

As your company grows and you decide to add more indoor plants to your account. This is a simple process, when you add interior plants to your account the terms of your agreement does not change, only the the monthly amount changes. Unlike some of our competitors when you make a change to the account, they try to add additional time to your agreement. With Nature'sWay Interior Plantscape you can add as many and as offten, interior plants to your agreement at any time during and after the two year term and your agreement terms do not change. Your monthly fee will increase accordingly but your terms do not.

Indoor Plants Maintenance Only