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Interior Plantscape design

Vibrant living plants enhance air quality, diffuse noise, and boost the morale and productivity of your workforce while providing a warm ambience for your visitors. Read more about Indoor Air Quality

By using state of the art technology our experienced plantscape design team can help you visualize what the interior plants will look like at your facility. Photos will be taken of some areas. These images will be imposed with plants that have been selected for your office. You will get photos that will show how the interior plants and decorative containers will look in your office.

Selecting the proper interior plant requires experience. There are many aspects that go into selecting the right interior plant for an office. For instance lighting is a major issue. Our team's knowledge of indoor office plants and what each interior plants light requirements are, is in its self a lot to remember. The placement of plants is a process. And if not done right can be a costly investment.

When the design is complete you will receive a copy of the first draft proposal, At this point changes can be made, to meet your needs, Our designer will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the design. If no changes are needed then we move into the contract phase.