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NaturesWay Interior Plantscape, Inc. is dedicated to being the most eco-conscious interior plant business in Houston. We strive to only use natural, non-chemical plant cleaners and alternatives to chemical pesticides.

On April 29, 2010, NaturesWay Interior Plantscape attained "green" certification through the Green Earth–Green Plants® certification program.

Natures Way Interior Plantscape, Inc. has proven that they are an environmentally-responsible business and operate in an ecologically-friendly manner, says Kathy Fediw, LEED AP, CLP, CLT, president of Johnson Fediw Associates and founder of the certification program.

For more information view the complete press release.

All of our plants, whether they are owned by NaturesWay Interior Plantscape or owned by our client, will be placed on a sub-irrigation system. The use of this system reduces the need for weekly maintenance visits, reduces fossil fuel use and pollution.

Top Dressings, materials that cover the soil, are made from natural, renewable, or recycled products.

Additionally, Our office utilizes a paperless operations system. Our invoices are sent to clients by e-mail.