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Monthly Maintenance

Watering and fertilization

NaturesWay Interior Plantscape uses a sub-irrigation system in all of our interior plants. Our technicians know the proper amount of water each plant will use in the 10-12 day maintenance cycle. Depending on the temperature and the size of the growing container some interior plants may only need a small amount of water when other interior plants will need a lot more. Most of the buildings in and around the Houston area are on climate-controlled systems. The amount of water office plants need changes as our seasons change.

Inspection for insects or disease

Interior plants get a variety of insects, like spider mites, Interior plants also get fungus, virus and bacteria problems. Our plant technicians are educated to prevent, recognize, and treat these interior plant insects and diseases.

Cleaning and Pruning

The service includes cleaning and pruning the plants. Keeping a plants leaves clean prevents it from being prone to insects and disease. The build up of dust will cause the interior plant not to get the maximum amount of light it needs.


When you are on a guaranteed replacement contract your plants get replaced at no additional cost to your company. This means if an interior plant starts to get unhealthy it will be replaced at no additional cost to you. If a healthy interior plant gets too overgrown for an area it will be moved to a new location within your office area or be replaced with a like kind.