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After installation

Your office will then be placed on our 10-12 day maintenance schedule. Your office will be added to one of our current routes. The tech will start visiting the interior plants on a regular basic.

All of our plants are setup in our PTS Plant tracking system and will have a QR code. Our Techs use smart phones and Tablets to scan the QR code to update information about each plant to insure all plants at your office stay healthy and looking great.

If the tech finds a problem with the plant he will scan the QR code and let the PTS know what problems he has found. We use this system to help cut down on paper use and also the Tech can make notes about each plant at the time of each visit to that individual plant allowing the tech not to have to remember each problem.

The Account Manager will periodically visit to ensure that the interior plants are getting acclimated to their new environment. As well as over seeing that the Tech is doing a great job for your office. We try very hard to keep you from having to worry about your plants and their care. At these visits he/she will inspect the interior plants, utilizing our plant tracking system, each plant will be scanned, note will put in our system as to what needs to be done for the plants. If the plant need to be replaced it will get tagged in our system for replacement. The Account Manager will visit with you to see if you are happy with the results.

Keep in mind that it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the interior plant to get accustom to a new living environment.